Biowin 2 Touch

New Boiler Features:

Low Maintenance:

Seamlessly integrates with existing controls.
Zero wear ignition element, ashbox requires emptying only once per year.
Automated features, including self-cleaning heating surfaces, and auto-pellet feed.

High confidence:

Seven year warranty.
MCS accredited, DEFRA approved.
UK based Sales, Tech Support, and service engineer network.
A+ Efficiency of 93%.




Six different modulating boiler sizes, giving outputs of 3-33 kilowatts.
New touchscreen controls, or via downloadable app.
Models with firebox window available.


Boiler servicing required only annually by Windhager qualified engineer.          Other boilers serviced include MCZ.

Cost to replace MCZ with Biowin 2 Touch:

£5000 if connected to a suitable existing flue system.